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Originally Posted by greenlikeapples View Post
Firstoff these comments are all very good.

But I have one extension. I am wondering, while you can turn off dual mode, where the phone searches for both GSM and 3G modes, and this definately seems to save power, does anyone know if switching it to only 3G, rather than only GSM, is going to also use more power? The problem is of course that when you go to use the web, you have to go into those settings and adjust it to get normal speeds....

Anyone know?
Anyone wanna write a magic prog to just switch on 3G when browsing?
If you only use GSM or 3G the phone will go through less controlling cycles and use less energy.
Many people advocate this, but, I have never do so as it's too fiddly and the difference in my experience has been negligible.
But, I charge as often as possible anyway and have never had my phone die. (YET!)