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Originally Posted by DamianDinning View Post
OK. The N86 uses a dedicated processor for handling audio playback which gives superior sound reproduction and much improved playback times for when listening to music (at least when listening over headphones or other devices such as external speakers etc.

The built-in speakers in the N86 are actually the same components as used in the N82, however the size of the 'cavity' is smaller. It's the size of this cavity which has an enormous effect on the performance of the speakers. Unfortunately this means you need 'air' in the device and given how tightly packed the N86 is there isn't any room for the larger cavities there are in the N95 and N82. For this reason the only way of influencing the audio (from the music player at least) is to adjust the equaliser settings.


Does the N86 have radically different audio hardware to the N85? I only ask as I've still got the N95, and the N85 really doesn't sound as good (via a variety of headphones). Its also damn irritating that even with a faster processor it responds considerably slower to presses of the play/pause buttons.

Still reckon nothing beats the old Moto E398 for built-in speaker quality though.