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I will try the back up in a few days time, when I get home, as I have another SD card spare. I don't want to back up on the memory card I'm using right now, as I think I'm about to do a hard re-set on the phone, there are a couple of issues I have with Skype ( which i thought I had resolved, but they have returned ! )

When I've done the back up ( successfully! ? ) I'll let you know.

Maybe the micro USB port does allow for more effective charging of the phone? I noticed that with my phone ( Product Code 0587211 ) , the mains charger is only an 850mA ( Euro 2 Pin charger ) - I thought that would have been rated higher, as it has a pretty meaty battery. Same size battery as the N97 and that mains cahrger was rated at 1200mA IIRC.

Like you, I've ntoiced that if the phone is connected to the internet via service provider ( not wi fi ) , the phone does take a very long time to charge. In fact, I've not seen it yet reach full battery status via mains charging and when connected. It will only reach full battery status on mains charge when there are no active data connections.
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