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Originally Posted by nottmbantam View Post
Yeah, good luck, let us know how you get on. As stated, when I've done a successful back up, I'll post up on here.

Did a hard re-set on the phone last night to try and resolve the Skype issue, but not tested it fully yet.
  • Any contacts saved in phone memory with special characters will prevent the device from making a copy/back up to memory card. This will affect entire phone book, not just that single contact. In my case, I was a contact with only '????' and I could back up the moment I deleted that particular contact.
  • Regarding the 'battery full' indicator, it takes an extremely long time to get 'battery full' indicator if the device is connected to the internet via service provider (not WLAN) while on charger. In fact, I've not seen it reach full battery status even after an overnight charge via charger and when connected. It will only reach full battery status on mains charge when there are no active service provider data connections or when the device is charged via USB cable.
I have tried, tested and monitored the above and can confirm my issues are now resolved.