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I've sent off for one of those recycling envelopes

Well, I saw that 02 will offer me 180.99 for my N97 so I've sent off for the free post envelope.

I was talking to someone at work about the HTC desire, and had a play with his HTC touch HD and I decided, I want someone a bit more 2010!

So, I think, when the Desire is released I'm going to order one. From the videos I've seen on Youtube, the Desire looks spot on - 1GHZ processor, OLED capacitive display, Android and the swish HTC sense front end..... and the FM radio which is one of the big reasons I don't want an Iphone!

I was quite amazed when I saw how smooth Google street view was on the desire, it was almost like being there! The phone has some serious grunt.

So, it looks like my Nokia journey is nearly over. Once the N97 goes I'll be firing up the brilliant N95 for a while until the new phone arrives, it does everything I do on the N97 so I won't miss it....

It's a bit of a shame really because I was fully on board with Nokia, partly because I had my work Outlook syncing sorted, so upgrading to a new Nokia was always easy.

This time though I'm focusing on getting the right phone, and will work out how it fits with all the other stuff when I get it.

That said, I've already worked out how to sync my work Outlook with my Google cloud calendar so I'm assuming that the phone will syc with the cloud and I will then have an indirect calendar sync. Not sure about how I'll do contacts and notes, but I expect I'll find a direct way of doing that in time.

So that's it folks! I've wasted some money but I like my gadgets and want a phone that has a bit of wow factor, as well as actually delivering to goods... lets hope that being an early adopter won't be a mistake like it was with the N97....
N97 gone....Replaced with HTC Desire. Happy