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I will defo report back.

The N97 is now hard reset and in the envelope, just need to sent it special delivery after work.....

I've done this before with a car (becuase I just wanted it), but with the N97 I focused on the good reviews before I got it, and hoped the comments about the slow processor etc would not be a problem. But, they were.

With this Desire, I've yet to find anything negative (apart from the lack of voice google search). So, I'm hoping that this really will be a joy to use. I've looked at tons of Youtube vids and so far not seen any sign of sluggish menus or slow responses.

Plus, the Android store looks like it has all the decent apps you'd want, unlike Ovi.

As I said though, I will miss some Nokia features. Something which is never mentioned on here but is really good is the Communicatino Centre. I use this all the time to write text messages when at work, it makes them as easy to do as writing an email on the PC.
N97 gone....Replaced with HTC Desire. Happy