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1. Motorola A92X
2. SD Card
3.Fileman™ or QFileman™

Installing APPS on your phone

1. Choose a sis file that you want to use, let's say for example.. you want to use the Personal Paint™

2. Move the PersonalPaint.sis file in your SD Card, this should be located in your
D:/Media Files/Other/PersonalPaint.sis. Using your Fileman™, you can see it as these: the exact location where you will put it.

3. From your Phone's Launcher Install. click the install button

4. Click the install button and the app will install automatically.

* After a successful installation, do not run your application coz it will lead to error: "in use"

Transferring the Apps on Your External Memory

( this is were our project starts )

1. Using your Fileman™ ,open your D:\System folder, create another folder you will name Apps.

I am saying another cuz im sure that you already created the D:\System\Install folder. remember where you put that SonyEricsonPlatformID?

these will be your created folder location D:\System\Apps. youll have to create an Apps folder in D:\System

2. Click the C: Directory and look for the files of the newly installed app (Personal Paint) and check if all the installed components are there.

this will be located in C: \System\Apps\PersonalPaint Folder

3. Go Up One Level and you will be prompt to the C\:System\Apps folder
from here, it will be easy to transfer/move the whole folder from C: to D:
just Tick the PersonalPaint folder and click the File

4. Click move and it will automatically prompt you to some different choices.

5. Choose the D cuz this will the the location where we wanted to transfer the folder.

6. If you will open the location in the D. all the file has been moved!

7. At this point, the theory applies that when you click the, it should run. btw, this .app is equivalent of windows, .exe

8. Now, to be able for the Internal memory to be cleared out, you must remove the installed app using the launcher UnInstall. you have to do this so even the .sis file in the C:\System\Install folder will be empty.

Will post later on how to run the apps....