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OK thanks, well I have read through all of the forum posts and am OK with the theory of debranding the N95.

Basically it involves installing Nemesis and changing the product code here and then using the Nokia software suite to do the debranding/firmware update.

What I'm not so clear on is the specifics.

In particular, I am not sure if this particular screen looks as it should?

I have a silver/stainless steel in appearance version of this phone.

When I installed Nemesis, it said something about needing new USB drivers to be installed. (Just prior to installation it asked me what device I would be using the software with, so I just went with the first option which was 'virtual USB connection' as I had no idea what, this or any of the other options were).

Anyway in the above image on the left hand side of Nemesis there are 5 fields. I assume I should change the product code? But if so what should I change it too. Also what about the rest of these fields? Should these be changed too, or should they all just be left empty?

Also on the center pane of this window there is a 'scan' button, under ''Actions' the list on the left remains empty until I hit this button - but is this what I should do? I mean should I press this scan button? I already pressed the scan button on the top right - but when I changed to this pane, the list remained empty until I pressed the centre scan button.

Also should I highlight/select either of Phone Version or Phone IMEI options on the left before proceeding - or are they OK as they are?

Sorry to be almost pedantic about this, but this is quite an expensive phone - and I am naturally very anxious not to mess it up.