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Originally Posted by snoFlake View Post
Be interesting to see if they do any favours for N97 owners to compensate them for their "disappointing user experiences" and "unacceptable delay" in fixing it.

It's great to know they've learned lessons and are taking them forward into SF^3 devices (I sooooo hope they have because the backlash will be frightening otherwise) but it's a little frustrating to have be part of one of the largest Beta testing Guinea Pigs programme and paid for the pleasure. i.e. what's in it for me and the device I'm stuck with for another 12mths+?
I think the software update to v20 / v21 is it (in terms of a fix). Yes it is not perfect - but it a massive improvement over the original firmware. Annoying to be a guinea big - absolutely. Is it ideal? No, but I'd rather they be honest about it. It's clear that the strength of reaction was a suprise and I think that more than anything is what they need to take away.

And yes we'll have to wait and see on S^3 devices. I think people should be realistic though. For example it is a new platfrom and updates will be needed - the difference is the technology and processes will be in place to provide them. And remember S^3 is a step on the road to S^4. A bit of common sense about how big companies operate is also necessary...

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Was the release of nokia ovi maps linked to the downfall of the N97 ?
No, this has been on the cards for a long time (as you'll see in another upcoming interview). Timing is probably around a desire to lead the market (i.e. navigation was always heading towards free...)
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