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Freedom is a great thing. But too much freedom is anarchy - a lot of problems
How much "freedom" can N97mini take? I'd say not much. It's good to be aware of the devices limitations and design it's features accordingly. N97 mini can't handle the freedom it was given. So you end up dissatisfied because the device doesn't work as advertised or actually stop using features that are a pain to use. So you have to enforce a degree of control yourself. That's what I do on a daily basis. Apple takes this burden off their customers. This way user satisfaction doesn't suffer. But I digress

What I was saying is that S60v5 implementation of multitasking on N97 mini is flawed and it's actually an illusion of freedom. "Full" multitasking concept is great. Provided it's executed properly.
Based on my experience and referring to your "freedom" concept Apple's multitasking is like being dropped in a car in the middle of the forrest with few, but well built, comfortable roads you can travel. You can't go in any direction. You only have a few choices. But the ride will be comfortable and you'll reach your destination fast.
S60 drops you in the middle of the forrest with a backpack (a comfortable one) and good pair of shoes You are able to go freely in any direction. But there are no roads, and no paths. You'll finally also reach your destination, but you will be more tired, you'll probably need to make a few stops and will have to fend off mosquito swarms
If you are an adventurous, freedom loving type S60v5 experience will be great for you. If you just want to do your job quickly S60v5 will get in your way.

But that's just my opinion. Some people value unlimited freedom more than anything else. Even if it's a freedom to jump off the cliff;d. I think some limitations are absolutely necessary. Especially when you have only limited resources at your disposal. You have to use them wisely. N97 mini can't do that and in effect delivers much less than it promises.
Great analogy and spot on. I would take 10 average people on the street and give them an iPhone to make a call or an N97 to make a call and I would be willing to bet that long after the iPhone users made their calls, the N97 users would still be trying to figure out how things work. It is not going to get any better with the supposed Jesus Phone (N8). Nokia simply does not understand the marriage of hardware and software. Nokia's philosophy is to throw hardware at the problem and hope the software keeps up. Apple has shown time and time again that excellent software coupled with good hardware will beat excellent hardware and well, software (saying that the current Nokia Symbian software is good would be a stretch.). So the Apple hating will go on as will higher and higher sales as people like a phone with some flash, as well as a phone that does just about all things well.