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Face the fact, Symbian phones are not exciting nor do they make the users want to do things with the phone. [blah blah blah] Users want a bit of flash on their phones and Nokia simply does not deliver this.
Oh yes? Wierd, I thought the N8 blew all other Androids and iPhones away on the 'doing things' front, and the 'flash' front - both the flash you mean and may I say Adobe Flash too ha ha ;-)
Show me a competitor with the camera quality of an N8, the HDMI connectivity, the true Dolby 5.1 out, the WebTV, the USB on the Go, the media ability, the graphics power and so on.

You say confidently what 'users' want, and yet 'users' are buying so many Nokia/Symbian phones every day that it's outselling it's rivals by "each week there are 200,000 more Symbian phones out there than iPhones, and almost 500,000 more than Android.".