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I'm new to the boards I bought my mini 3 months ago and I am pretty happy with it (eventhough I'm still waiting for V11 stupid vodasloom). It does everything I expect from it.

I work at a graphical design agency and I swear that every single designer/hipster that comes in has an Iphone; ''look what app I got itz sup@r blabla'' I did not want to be part of the ''Iphone'' craze I don't want to have a phone which is everywhere and everyone has because the media & Steve says you should.

I just can not stand the hype constanly build around apple products. Even the Dutch news sited run stories on Apple's new Phone... asif thats the only phone brand to release a new model?

Don't get me wrong an Iphone works brilliant (I've even got an ipod touch) but its just to brilliant/clean/perfect for my liking..

Well thats my 2cents..