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Originally Posted by ironass View Post
Gosh! I'm beginning to feel like Little Orphan Annie, all alone, out in the snow, all by myself.

As most forum members will know, I have not suffered from lens scratching, GPS signal problems, key lock falling off, unable to answer calls, damaged hardware, slow or freezing software or most of the other myriad problems posted here. I've never even taken it in for repair.

In fact I'm beginning to think that, for a joke, Nokia made one good N97 and I have it. If anyone doesn't believe me, then just check back on my postings.
No, you're not alone. Once I had the GPS/Lens-cover repairs done my N97 worked as it should have. I never ever experienced the random crashes etc, that others did - even brfore the warranty repair for GPS/Lens.

However, the simple ability to browse websites without 'out of memory' errors or the web app terminating every few minutes and the amazing speed of the UI (on Android) has changed my mind about Symbian OS based handsets.
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