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Originally Posted by dhitchman View Post
I like push email. I am far too lazy and preoccupied with life in general to go looking for email.
That to me is a bit like going to the post office to get my letters, I prefer them to come through my letterbox.

Mind you, I can understand the desire to have it optional, perhaps even to be able to block this feature overnight or during meetings.
I also really like push email. I like to know that I have email even if I decide to check it later. I don't want to have to manually check to see if I have email at various times of the day and find out I don't have any.

On my phone, I am able to deactivate the push email. I do not use this feature as it takes too much effort toggle between online and offline mode. I also do not bother with the time of day controller as my sleep times may vary due to days off, personal activities or holidays.