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Ok, thanks for bringing me back to reality. I guess I was ranting a little. But my post did express some of the concerns I am having as a long time nokia user.

Originally Posted by t4inc View Post

I've had the N97 for about 7 months now. In the time I've had it, I've NEVER -- not once -- had to take out the battery because it stopped dead and I've only experienced a reboot once while running maps and web simultaneously.
Well, I guess you're lucky. Or I'm terribly unlucky. I consider myself a "modest power user" in that I do not run highly demanding software on my phone, but I do try to take advantage of whatever it offers. Previously I had E51, and with crashing calendar, active standby, and email, I had to restart it with battery removal every day. Currently I have N97 mini (for almost 2 weeks) and I "only" need to restart it with battery removal every 2-3 days. I guess that's progress... So, as I say, highly unstable.

It's certainly far from a perfect device: the C Drive is small and the reboot I (and other users have experienced) is a product of insufficient RAM.
Haha, and I didn't even go there!

That said, I'm confused at your generalization that Nokias are unstable and unusable nowadays. You're making an assertion based on what statistics or what evidence? Is it purely anecdotal and based on what others are saying? If your purpose is to help Nokia build better devices, then provide better data -- it might be good enough to get Nokia's attention.
This statement I don't agree with. My opinions are based on my thorough experience with above mentioned 2 devices, modest experience with several others (5800, n97, e52), AND THEN opinions of others that I read on forums. I did not make claims based on what others think. Rather, others experiences seem similar to mine and reinforce my opinion.

Otherwise, you're just ranting. None of us have time for that.
As I said, maybe I was ranting a little, but now I'm serious. There are serious issues. I don't know why they are not mentioned often enough. The devices I experienced where slow. Painfully so. Clicking on a log and waiting for several seconds for it to display is unacceptable today. Especially when others make it better. Nokia has cutting edge hardware. But if it keeps being crippled by their software, their client base will keep shrinking, not the other way around. In my case I switched from 3 year old device to brand new, and didn't experience much difference. Interface still slow. Apps still randomly close. Email client is still crappy... But now the touch is also half-responsive, the screen freezes, and the prediction makes even simple SMS shut down. And that is progress? Those are my complaints.