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embrace for a rant. I hate Nokia's illogical strategies when they release their "flagships." Specifically in regards to N86. Would it have been problematic if they made that display 2.8 inches? Heck, even fitting a 3.0 inches was possible... Why did they degrade an otherwise "upgrade" model when compared to the likes of N95-8gb in terms of display size? Why does Nokia pick and choose when releasing new models? Especially those with premium prices? Why degrade some aspects from their previous successor and add few more? I would but N86 in a heart beat if it had at least 2.8 inch display and a graphics chip. Now ill wait till it becomes a tad cheaper. Same with 5530! For God's sake keep the display at 3.2 inches and just take that gps/3g out. Why 5230 gets 3.2 inch display .... stupid Nokia but I still love you. Your magic.
end of rant.