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Cool Nokia marketing prowess

This marketing dorkiness is Nokia inertia, rather than a thoughtful decision by Nokia to avoid fighting by Apple's new rules. Pity. So what does Steve Jobs vs 'a Nokia product manager' tell us?

Thinking broadly, I suppose in one corner you've got Apple's reality distortion field - powered by (1) its genuinely excellent product designs, user i/f etc (2) beneficial US culture/loyal fan culture hybrid, (3) Steve Jobs charisma (odd really cos he isn't all that charismatic) and (4) massive app developer industry (but its software isn't perfect - itunes software needs work).

In the other corner is Nokia (1) a genuine corp - not a one man show but a damaged brand (2) producing phones that almost always seem to miss at least one trick, (3) user experiences that are kind of clunky with journeyman touchscreen experiences (3) with about 5 applications (it looks like it may be worse for symbian^3 and Nokia's own software cock-ups litter the battlefield - it needs some really tough management there)..

But (4) Nokia does however have really good upcoming product hardware in the N8.

So I'd say contrasting the Apple videos with N8 videos just about sums things up. Nice phone, shame about everything else.