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Video editing looks cool...

@aas I like your analysis of these videos. Keep it coming!

An idea: After Apple presenting iMovie for the iPhone, I'd love to see a head to head between the N8's capabilities in this field and iMovie for iPhone.

In terms of the N8, I think no one doubts its capabilities in terms of pictures and videos. I think the videos also show that the OS is quite responsive even when trying the edit together a video with up to 6 media items.

However, I think the thing that continues to worry me with Nokia's phones is the third party apps. For instance, the world cup now comes up and the iPhone has plenty of decent apps to follow the event. The best Symbian has is the AP app and it is so slow that it is basically unusable. I don't know whether it is a poorly programmed app or whether WRT is not up to the job yet. In any case, if Nokia wants me to seriously consider the N8, they'll have to show that the N8 will do better with these things.

As a side not, to what extend are you buying into a "dead-end" with Symbian 3? Supposedly, Symbian 4 is just around the corner and represents a platform break. I bought an N900 last December, but have already sold it as I feel Nokia has not given it the support it deserves (given its capabilities and price). Will the same happen with Nokia N8?

Unless I get good answers to these questions, I am afraid my next phone won't be a Nokia :-(