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E72 - Sim Card Failed?

Folks-got a problem with the E72 not recognising my UK Orange PAYG Sim Card - any ideas?

Bought the phone unlocked here in the UK back in August. Used the same Orange sim card and it worked fine, no problems at all. Took the phone out to Saudi, and then put in my Saudi PAYG sim card which again worked fine.

Got back here to UK yesterday and not just cannot get the Orange sim card to work with the phone. I get the same message all the time- " Sim Card Registration failed ".

It's not the sim card as it works fine my old N95 and my wife's 5800. Her O2 sim card won't work in the E72 either. THe phone only seems to work with Saudi sim cards , not the Orange or O2 cards.

Have done all sorts with the (E72 ) phone, including hard re-set and also re-installing the latest FW update, still no luck.

Any ideas? TIA
Silver E72
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