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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Face the fact, Symbian phones are not exciting nor do they make the users want to do things with the phone. This is the fact that continues to escape the "Nokia sells millions more phones" a month crowd. The phones they sell are not high-end phones and they simply continue to be boring, workman phones that no one is interested in just pulling out of their pocket to play with.
BINGO ! I could not have said it better.

Let me present a car analogy:

I am sure Hyundai sells a lot more of their cars than let’s say a BMW or Mercedes does.

But… if you had a choice which one would you choose? Starting to get the point now? Hyundai makes common cars for the masses (I have nothing against Hyundai by the way) that are cheap and predictable. Are Hyundai cars exciting for the car enthusiasts? Nah… probably not so much.

Which brings me to my last point. Nokia has chosen Meego for their high end N-Series phones. It is Meego that is Nokia’s only chance at bringing them some respectability.

So, AAS can shout all they want about how many Nokia 5800s sell. What is the point?

I kinda understand where AAS is coming from… Symbian is British just like AAS is. But c’mon guys you’re pushing the boundaries of common sense.