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Application {ANN} Magic Screen for P900/P910: Native Screen Saver with themes!

Have you ever dreamt about a native screen saver that can work with the native locking mechanism and all of its advantages? About one that will give you a great choice of displaying options and only you decide what to use? A program that supports your own themes? A screen saver that integrates into the operating system and works like its part, a screen saver that saves power?

Now you got it.

Magic Screen is a native screen saver application for your Sony Ericsson smartphone that works as a part of the operating system and gives you many possibilities. You can use the program in FC and FO modes. It will replace the built-in screen saver and will essentially extend its capabilities.

Magic Screen works in the Screen Saver mode and provides a lot of useful information about your phone: current time/date, signal level (or flight mode), battery status, missed calls, unread messages (SMS/MMS/Email), next alarm, operator name, cell information, BlueTooth/InfraRed status, PC link status, silent mode, Calendar events, reminders, ToDo and lock status. When using audio/vibro notifiers, you'll never forget another missed call or an unread SMS. Magic Screen comes with a few themes both for FO and FC modes. Moreover, you can use our free theme editor to create your own themes!

Our application can work when you have locked your device. Unlike third programs, Magic Screen uses native UIQ locking/unlocking mechanism. So you do not need to lock your phone with a third party application (i.e. you can use a 3rd party locking application, but this is not obligatory), just use standard system lock! Magic Screen keeps your screen and keys locked preserving from accidental dialing or taps.

Magic Screen is a screen saver that does not activate the screen backlight on accidental taps or keys pressing! This helps you to save battery life. Nevertheless you can use a special hotkey to turn on the backlight when needed! Finally, Magic Screen is the only screen saver that does not drain battery because it works as a part of the operating system, not as a usual application.

Full description and downloads: Magic Screen for P900/P910