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iPod to PC Transfer Review

iv got this review yesterday, now id like to share it with all my friends.
Managing an iPod is easy, assuming you only use one computer. Apple built iTunes to not include features that would let you copy music from your iPod to another computer. They did this to ease music industry concerns about copyright infringement and unauthorized sharing of music via the iPod. But, if you buy a new computer, the easiest and fastest way to transfer your iTunes library to the new machine is to copy your iPod library. Also, you might want a backup of your iPod library in case your computer's hard drive is damaged.
After plug in the iPod, wait for iTunes to open, and transfer songs to and from the iPod at your leisure. Simple, what if you have a few computers you listen to music on? What if you have a computer, not only at home, but one at work, and perhaps you also listen to music when visiting relatives, what then?
For me, when I visit my new computer, iTunes has this built-in desire to take over whichever iPod is plugged in, and happily offers to delete every song on my iPod and sync its blank music library. That is definitely not what I want to do.
So why even get third-party software when you get a full version of iTunes for free with the iPod? After trying iPod to PC Transfer, I would ask why wouldn't you use it over iTunes.
iPod to PC Transfer is a one-trick pony as far as software goes. The goal this program has is to allow you to transfer music from your iPod to a computer, backup, restore your iPod to computer, edit and create playlist on iPod. This program can read the iTunes library of any computer you've attached your iPod, it can copy songs to the iTunes library, or simply to the computer's hard drive.
iPod to PC Transfer was able to take the music, podcast from my iPod and copy it to my selected destination on my computer. It worked flawlessly. I just highlighted the songs I wanted to transfer, clicked the "Add to disc" button, and watched it immediately go to work.
At the moment, for what it is attempting to do, iPod to PC Transfer is nearly perfect. If you own an iPod I strongly suggest you try out this program. It will add several useful features to your iPod and streamline transfers. The list of features is excellent and the implementation of these features is almost perfect. The iPod Rip also can trans and copy movie to iPhone, there's really no reason not to use it.
Recommended without reservation.