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Ovi Maps Upgrade - Problem

Don't know if anyone else has had this problem with the Ovi Maps update?

I have an E72 ( v31 ) , and started up Nokia Maps last night, to be told there was an update, so downloaded and installed the update. But every time I then tried to run Ovi Maps ( with free navigation ) , the phone kept re-booting.

Prior to this, the Maps app was working fine. I had a look through the Apps Manager and deleted the Ovi Maps Wifi locator thing, and since then, Maps has run fine. I had already downloaded and installed maps for my region on Nokia Maps Loader, so the map data should still be working fine.

Should I have deleted the Ovi file, or is there another conflict somewhere? BTW, I went onto Ovi Store and found the Ovi Maps, tried downloading it only to be told is not compatible with the E72. if that is the case, then why was there on the Software Updater?
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