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Interesting (sorry, I don't have an answer for you ) - but the same thing happened to me. Running fw version 022.007 (cannot upgrade because Vodafone haven't released v3 in the UK yet - but that's another story).

I upgraded Ovi maps when advised to do so by the Software Updater on the phone - this must have been about six weeks ago. After that, the phone rebooted every time I tried to open Ovi Maps.

Tried various things - removing all map installation files (even the Nokia Maps files) and reinstalled - same result; the phone kept restarting.

In then end only a hard reset resolved the problem; I had to reapply all my settings, reinstall all my software, apply activation codes, etc. etc.

Now I don't even attempt to upgrade Ovi Maps.

I had thought it was my firmware version that was at fault, but if you're seeing the same thing with version 3 I'm now not so sure.

Sorry I cannot help.