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Book list would be:

Symbian OS C++ for Mobile Phones by Richard Harrison
Mostly C++ stuff (which I bought it for), but has some good chapters on UIQ specific java towards the end.

J2ME in a Nutshell by Kim Topley
Bit heavy, but a great reference book - probably the most useful one in the long term.

Wireless J2ME Platform Programming by Vatan Piroumian
Hasn't got the greatest reviews on Amazon, but I found it to be a good tutorial if you already know JavaSE.

Javadocs for the API's
Documentation that comes with any SDK you've got. By far your best resource (you'll end up with it open in a web browser all the time).

The root I took to learning J2ME was: Learnt Java SE/EE as part of the day job then started messing about with the books mentioned above. Haven't messed with PersonalJava much at this time though, it's all been J2ME.

Last thing - get yourself a copy of Jbuilder X from (Foundation version's free) it's a really nice IDE. If you get the Nokia Developer's Suite 2.1 for J2ME™ and integrate it, you can start doing the interesting coding J2ME stuff (Series 60) straight away and not have to worry about the boring stuff like building and deployment as it handles it for you.