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Talking A925 trix

I change the time for shutdown display and backlight that improved my phone with 90% 1min for light 4 min for display

REL: 30.80.15

3G net in sweden unstable..... but fun when working

Running with OPL......

Originally Posted by carp.angler
Well, I've had my A925 for about 2 months, actually this one I've had for about 3 weeks, the first one got replaced because the touch screen stopped working and it continually rebooted.
My new one comes up with the Db5 main program closing error and wont start for about 50% of the time.
Bluebooth has also stopped working.

A bug ridden piece of dross?
Afraid so.

At least I've still got my Nokia on Vodafone, so I can still talk to people.

3G customer care?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Motorola support?
no response.

Stuck in a 70 a month contract with an unreliable phone.

I can't give you any firmware versions or similar because the phone wont start again........