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Originally Posted by Rafe
Psiloc has announced that it will be launching Arabic versions of 12 of it's popular Series 60 software titles. Additionally an Arabic version of Psiloc's website and e-mail support for the software in Arabic will be made available. Support for further programs and the Series 80, Series 90 and UIQ platforms is planned for the future.

Press Release:

Arabic version of the most popular Psiloc series 60 applications launching

Koszalin, Poland, April 29th, 2005

Psiloc launched today, in Arabic language version, the best-sold Psiloc series 60 applications. Thus, Psiloc began its strategy to launch its corporate website in main world languages.

As a first our company answers for Arabic speaking mobile users huge needs for high quality mobile software and decided to start with series60 handys as the most popular mobiles among users.

Arabic speaking users are able to use software, read description on Psilocís website and the most important: contact with Arabic Psiloc Technical Support in their native language.
At the beginning Psiloc developed for them following series 60 applications:

1. Arabic Localization:
2. World Traveller:
3. Vision:
4. Total irRemote:
5. irRemote:
6. Extended Recorder :
7. Screen Saver:
8. MiniGPS:
9. Where I am:
10. Extended File Manager:
11. Screen Capture:
12. System Tools:

In near future Psiloc will launch in Arabic language further applications from series: 60,80,90 and UIQ, product descriptions on website and finally Arabic version of whole Psilocís website.