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I think the lack of coverage of smartphones in general is because these journalists are often PDA purists who think only something that actually looks like a PDA really is a PDA. Many are aghast at the lack of a touch screen on Series 60, for example, even though it doesn't make much difference in practice as most people are well-versed in using keypads with their phones.

"Pure" PDA magazines and journalists a dying breed along with their "pure" PDAs, the PDA is effectively now a novelty compared to a phone and in the age of smartphones most people don't need or want a separate electronic organiser.

It's like hi-fi enthusiasts' magazines, they'll often review hi-fi separates and turn up their nose at combined stereo systems or iPods, yet it's the combined systems and iPods that everyone buys because they match ordinary people's needs much more closely.

It's also partly the marketing, which is aimed at real people rather than technology enthusiasts. Nokia puts the same smartphone innards in lots of different Symbian models but pitches each model at a very specific audience. There's much to recommend this approach because if you tell the average person that their phone can do everything under the sun, they'll often react by saying "oh but I just wanted it for the camera/MP3 playback/email really, don't want to go overboard". I know otherwise perfectly sensible people bitter about the fact that their cheap basic phones have built-in games, they say stuff like "I don't want to pay for stuff I don't want!"

It's no good explaining economies of scale to customers, it's much better to just sell them smartphones based on a pitch that revolves around one or two features and nothing else.

A lot of journalists don't understand that this pitch is pretty cosmetic and at their heart smartphones all have a surprisingly powerful computer.

How many people, even professional consultants, realise you can create and maintain a website with a $99 N-Gage QD for example? Very few because it's been pitched as a console/phone fusion. Of course it isn't really, it's a full Symbian smartphone with the keys laid out in a style more suitable for playing games, and if you take the time to buy and install the appropriate applications you can do almost anything with it that other PDAs can do.

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