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Originally Posted by matt_storr
So can any1 shed any light on how to import server root certs then? We have a self-signed root cert on our Windows 2003 server where Exchange is installed. I access the site, double click the secure lock icon and copy the cert to my desktop as a DER formatted cert. I then proceed to copy the .cer cert over to my E61 but it wont open it saying unknown format. I copy the same cert to my N70 and it installs fine.

I've used OpenSSL to copy to and from PEM to DER format - still no joy. Could it be that there is something wrong with self certified root certs created using Windows Certification Server?
matt_storr, have you try putting the OpenSSL converted certificate to your website root directory and access it using the E61 built in web browser ? In my case this is the only way I can install the certificate.