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NSS will not read Product code on N95 8GB - Products Dir ('products') Not found

Hi all,

I live in the BVI, but recently brought back my dad's old Orange UK N95 8GB as a backup phone.

Now I need to actually use it, I'm having trouble changing the product code to allow a local SIM card.

NSS, running as admin on Win 7, will scan, discover, and come back with all the info, but returns an error on the product directory, and won't read or write the product codes.

the bold output is what seems wrong (no files found, no product directory). any Ideas?


Checking Framework...Done.
->..pdginterfc.dll version: 1.0.479
->....pdg4fbus.dll version: 1.0.1685
->....pdg4mbus.dll version: 1.0.106
->.....pdg4fls.dll version: 1.0.1165
->....pdg4flsc.dll version:
->pdgphonebook.dll version: 1.0.192
->.bb5usbflash.dll version:
Reading Virtual USB device...Done.
->Serial: BEF28965, HW: 0.0
Testing Interfaces...
->USB DKU2....Supported.
->USB CA-53...Supported.
Testing Directories...
->DCT4 Loaders Dir('Flash')......Found.
-->0 file(s) found.
-->Please copy the loaders first!
->ADSP Loaders Dir('FlashUsb')...Found.
-->0 file(s) found.
-->Please copy the loaders first!
->DCT3 Loaders Dir('fls1sup')....Found.
-->0 file(s) found.
-->Please copy the loaders first!
->Products Dir('products').......Not Found.
Open Diamond...Error!