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Originally Posted by l1nknp4rk View Post
Water got on my n95, and even when I slid up the slider there was some water on the key pad. I wiped it off and tested the buttons and they worked but when I tested a call, I didnt hear anything so I turned the power off and took the battery out to dry. After about 4 hours I put it back in and it seemed to work fine but then the camera turned on by itself and then about 20 seconds later the phone shut off by itself so I took battery out and let it dry some more for a few hours. Then when I put it back in, everything worked fine and its still working fine now and the water damage sticker behind the battery didnt turn pink. does anyone think my phone could still have some water inside and it will damage it over time or that it seems fine?
You may have damaged the handset permanently, however, with care you can dry-out the handset by placing it on a warm (not hot!) radiator or in an oven (at the lowest setting) for 30 minutes. Remove the back cover and extend the keyboard slider so the heat can go everywhere possible.

P.S. Do NOT attempt to dry it in a microwave oven...
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