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First impressions

These are my first impressions having only used it for a couple of hours and with nothing loaded.


Amazing sound system on loudspeakers. Dolby 5.1. The best of any phone I've owned.

Good video playback of the built-in "Tron" movie clips.

Camera is very good.

Comes with Ovi Maps (I do miss Ovi Maps) but only v3.04.

Multi-touch (pinch & zoom) works well.

Good, solid, sturdy, build.


Touch is not as responsive as I would like (2 or 3 taps required sometimes).
I could have been too hasty here. This could be due to the screen cover still being in place.

Redraw problems. Screen seems to freeze temporarily. Sluggish scrolling.

Browser is sooo slow. To load the Nokia Support page from Bookmarks took 34.7 sec's on WiFi. Compare this to 17.4 sec's on the Nexus One.

UI looks like the same tired N97 UI. It cries out for SPB Shell to come as pre installed IMHO. Not available for the N8 in Ovi Store though.

My initial impression is one of de ja vue as this phone seems to be a repeat of the N97 in that I do not believe the firmware is "mature" and is going to require some updates and I cannot see the advantages of Symbian ^3 in use.

Some weeks ago I lost my N97 and had to claim through insurance. Of course, the insurers could not offer me a replacement N97 and out of the selection of phones I was given I plumped for something completely different... the HTC Nexus One on Android 2.2 FroYo.
I have to say that on responsiveness the Nexus wins "hands down". Also it has a much faster browser.

I'm sorry if I'm raining on anyone's parade but I can only speak as I find.

I really don't think that this is going to save Nokia's bacon or can be called an iPhone killer.
N8 Release PR1.2 Software version 014.002 date 2011-03-01 Product code 0598980 Manufactured Finland

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