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Originally Posted by ajeet View Post
Ian, I am interested to know how is the N8 compared to N97 in terms of usage, speed and smoothness (as you have used N97 for a while before).

In N97 it was possible to add two rows of shortcuts for application in the home screen. For the N8 is it possible to add more than this in each screen.

Can applications like Y Browser or SPB Shell work in N8, if you have tried.

Thank you for your reponses.
The N8 is certainly smoother and faster than the N97. I would expect this with the larger CPU and RAM. Bear in mind that I am still running it with no add-on's as yet.

I can confirm two rows (of 4) shortcuts are available as in the N97 and are configurable.
Update... you can have as many rows of shortcuts as you like on all 3 home screens.

As I mentioned, I have no add-on's yet. I did browse the Ovi Store for SPB Shell but it doesn't seem available for the N8/symbian^3 platform.
N8 Release PR1.2 Software version 014.002 date 2011-03-01 Product code 0598980 Manufactured Finland

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