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So - went into a local phone shop to buy a car charger and explained the problem to the guy behind the counter. His theory:

THe guy I bought the phone from ( eBay ) had a contract ( sim free ) handset. He sold it on eBay. I bought it. He then later reports the handset as lost, and gets a brand new handset ( plus the profits from selling the first handset ) . His phone company then blocks the handset.

I in the meantime am using the handset abroad, so it works fine. As soon as I get back to the UK, it stops working. So the 'block' only works in the UK and with UK networks.

How realistic does this sound - does it sound like I've been done?

It's a shame, I wanted the E72 to work in Saudi AND in England, and feel quite cheesed off with the guy who sold it to me.
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