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Contacted the eBay seller, no reply yet, somehow I don't think I'm going to get one!

Will go to the Orange shop in the City Centre and explain. Rang Orange Customer Services yesterday, but over the phone there was no option really to address the issue, all I could get was a PUK UnBlock code - which didn't work...

Anyway, I'm now in two / three minds:

1 - do I go out and buy another E72 ( but this time from a 'reputable' seller ), and which I know will work in Saudi AND UK

2 - Do I just stick with the N95 - which is still a great phone ( best camera I've personally used on a phone )

3 - Do I splash out on a 'modern' handset, maybe contract, was thinking about a Desire Z?

I do like the E72, the form and it's a pretty good performer, the free voice guidance on Ovi Maps is used quite often in Saudi and in the UK.

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