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Nokia 5800

This is by far the worst phone I've ever owned and that takes some doing.

I bought mine in April, Sim Free and within 2 weeks the problems started, random seizing up and or being bought to a crawl.

If I used the camera I'd get two shots, then I'd have to wait for at least a minute before doing anymore, then when I wanted to access the Gallery, it would take around about 3 mins before finding the photos that I'd just taken, as for deleting them that would take at least a minute per shot that I wanted to remove!

Now you may say that the memory card's to blame, but with a 16Gb Class 6, which was fully checked and tested, I think not.

The final straw came the other day when I needed the emergency services dialled 112 and nothing happened, it wouldn't dial it.

So I contacted Nokia Technical Support, followed their advice to the letter and ended up with a "brick", so it's now been sent off to be repaired, however when it comes back it will be going up for sale, I've had enough.