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Mobipocket and Morning Crescent

Glad to see you were careful to get a screenshot of a part of the Underground including Mornington Crescent, Steve ;-). That's one app I'll be installing in time for next week's pub meet!

Re Mobipocket, have a look at Ewan's AAS article, and some of the tips in the comments about it.

One tip that's not included (for some reason - and I forget where I found it) which is especially important for 5th edition devices without a hardware keyboard (i.e. the 5800s), is to change your Mobipocket settings to open Library at startup (rather than Last Book). That will display softkeys to allow you to change settings. Then, you can leave Display set to Fullscreen, and use the Red / Cancel / Hangup key to exit Mobipocket. Your last-read book is highlighted in the library when you start it up, needing one extra tap to start reading, but you still have access to all the settings (including switching off fullscreen mode) via the softkeys if you need them.

Even on the N97, it's still easier than fiddling around with Blue arrow+j to get an asterisk to toggle full screen mode.

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