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Nice comparison Steve. But I don't see how you can put comments like 'Superb', 'great', 'amazing' for the N8 features when (AFAIK) you have handled the phone just once and even that on the pre-production firmware.

Apologies if my assumption is wrong.
Steve can say these things very easily and with authority I reckon. He's seen the N8 spec sheet, and then he's tried the device out enough to see if there's anything obviously different from the specs - i.e. even a quick play with the handset can give a great impression of the UI speed, camera quality and so on. Not enough to do a full comprehensive review sure, but enough to be able to use the superlatives the N8 deserves.

The web is dripping with professional reviewers who've never seen an iPhone 4, or a particular Android phone, and yet don't hold back from liberally spraying praise all over these devices. At least Steve (and Rafe) have played with the N8, and what's more it's only going to improve.

> Apologies if my assumption is wrong
Time to apologise We never see comments from you that do not have some biased anti-Nokia slant. Isn't it about time you forked out many hundreds of pounds for and iPhone or Android device and found peace at last?