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Nice Review..but

Steve: Excellent review but I would not give Nokia the lead for processor (CPU/GPU). That should go either to iPhone 4's A4 w/integrated CPU(ARM Cortex A9?) and GPU...or HTC Desire's Snapdragon w/out GPU. Yes, the N8 GPU co-processor is best in class, but it's right-sized ARM 11Mhz is good but not great. I think it's a smart move by Nokia, don't get me wrong. The right balance for performance/power consumption and a solid platform...but it cannot be a +1 for the N8. IMO its +1 for iPhone 4.

I think there should be a separate category for gaming. Here. Apple should take it with its Gyro plus quantity/quality of games. N8 a close second based on hardware.

Pricing was a bit of a surprise to me too. I thought the N8 basis was estimated at Euro 370 (~ GBP 307.25) pre-tax/pre-subsidy...why buy it in the UK if it's priced at GBP 399? Another +1 for N8 IMO.

So, I get +7 for N8, +6 for Iphone 4 and the rest the same.


PS: Why SAMSUNG i8910 HD and not the Galaxy S? I think the Galaxy would take +1 away from iPhone 4 with its Super AMOLED.