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Originally Posted by smcdermott
Well, interesting exercise.

If I put my SIM into a buddy's SE T610 I can send text messages. If I put his SIM into my E61 he can send text messages.

However, I still can't send text messages from my SIM in my E61.

Think this is a bad SIM chip or somehow T-Mobile needs to change some network registration settings? At least I know my E61 settings are correct.
Just out of interest, what network is your friend on? If he's on T-mobile too then you've almost certainly just got a bad SIM card.

Whatever the case, I guess the next step would be to ask T-mobile for a replacement SIM card (I assume you can get one free?) and see if that works. If it does, you know it was a bad SIM chip, if it doesn't then it's probably some kind of compatibility issue possibly at T-mobile's end.