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Originally Posted by bhvm View Post
Dear all,
I just updated my N73 V3.06 RM 133 (India) to V 4.07
Here are a my experiences-

1. RAM management is better, but still very lousy. It keeps terminating Apps in background.

2. I read somwhere on the internet that this Firmware brings Search 4.0. However what I got was a very stupid Web search! I un-installed this app instantly as its pretty useless.I downloaded the Search 4.0 from nokia site, but it threw up and Incompatiblity error.

3. There is High-pitched whine (Whistle like) when Mobile is connected to my 8 Channel speaker using 3.5mm Jack. This is simply disgusting!

4.The uninstall links for ALL apps and THEMES on the memort card are gone! its so difficult to un-install those themes now!

5. I've lost quite a few Apps that were installed. Thebackup coul'dnt restore them.

6. there is a slight diffrence between Autofocus sound and actual focus.
Similarly, there is disparency between Actual shutter release and Shutter sound.Sound comes before action. This problem was not present on older firmware.

7. many people say, But phone does not feel faster at all. Its all and the same.
Can you tell me about the flashing curser during calls? Is it still there when making a call?