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> According to, a French Nokia representative confirmed that the N8 would be able to natively play DivX encoded videos, along with the H.264, MPEG4 and other formats mentioned at the handsetís official launch.

Nope, that was updated - Nokia France officially said N8 won't play DivX. HOWEVER, a couple of people around the web have said that the early N8's they used were able to play DivX so it's somewhat up in the air.

NOKIA - PLEASE include DivX/Xvid playback capability. There are a LOT of people that want this very badly (proof can be found in comments on N8 blog posts all over the web). And it needs to cope with .avi containers. Will be a real shame if such a capable device as the N8 cannot be used as a media player to playback the most used non-streaming video format in use today.

Having to convert DivX videos to another format is NOT acceptable, it's a big hassle, and requires time and a PC, and means media can't be just played (or copied then played) off a USB stick etc.

> Regarding DivX...relax, I am sure that Coreplayer or something similar will soon appear for the likes of the N8.

The coreplayer team seem to have given up - they have failed for some time to support S60 5th ed. Shame as coreplayer is really capable on earlier S60 devices.

AAS - are you able to get official confirmation of DivX capability? (playback, but recording too would be a major bonus!)