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Some Tests


i was testing different formats to play on the RealOne Player..

I compare to play 3GP (using MPEG4 codec) 176 x 144 160kbits/seg with audio at 8000bits/seg.

and 3GP (using H.233 codec) 176 x 144 160kbits/seg with audio at 8000kbits/seg.

I saw that RealOne LAGG a lot!! with MPEG4 at 160kbits with audio... if you encode video only.. not lagg and good quality..

BUT! 3GP using H233 codec.. is much more fluid video, same quality than mpeg4 ... not lagg WITH AUDIO...

SO!.. i keep using 3GP (h.233 codec) and good bye mpeg4.. (almost on this phone with RealOne Player)

BTW! 3GP (H.233) is the format used by Video Recorder that came with 6600 and the supplyed for the 7650...

and BTW!.. PVPlayer.. LAGG MORE than RealOne at 160bits/seg videos, even using H.233 or MPEG4 codecs...


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