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Originally Posted by skinny View Post
(I'm the poster of the music library refresh query)
Yeah the first refresh was epic, but also there was a significant (a minute or so) delay every time I opened the music player app and also significant (30secs or so) delays when browsing the music library (ie when opening an album/artist folder).
My memory's a bit foggy on this tho... I'll try again tonight and see how bad the delays really were.
I'm considering getting an E72 and I'd really like to use it as my music player. Do you have any experience using the E72 in such a way with a similar amount of music?
Ah yes, Ewan reported slow access to the music library on the 32GB version in his reviews. Ditto on the N97 - again, it's the slow chip, I think. 8-( Best keep the amount of music to 10GB or so. Shame, really.

Haven't tried lots of music on the E72, but it should be better as a 32GB microSD will be a much faster chip.
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