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Ok it seems like I exaggerated the problem a bit... I now have some accurate stats:
Memorycard: 32Gb class 2 microSDHC card with 22Gb of music in 4583 files.
Phone: Nokia 6220 Classic S60v3 FP2.
Initial refresh took 28 minutes.
Refresh after adding 1 album of 13 songs took 2m26s.
Refresh after no change took 2m13s.
There's a 11/12 second delay when opening the music player app.
There's also a 11/12 second delay when browsing an album for the first time and also (occasionally) when returning back to the albums menu.
I'm reasonably happy with these times and it surely can only get better if I go for the E72.
My SanDisk Sansa Clip+ (the current and equally inadequate home for the memory card) takes about 24 minutes to do a full refresh, but it does this every time there's any change to the content and even if you just remove and reinsert the memory card with no change!
But it does allow rating songs and playing by highly-rated, which I missed when using the 6220c as my primary mp3 player.