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Question t9 predictive text in Spanish wanted

Hi all

I tried to find out if there was a similar thread on this but couldn't - I'm not that tech savvy!

I recently bought a Nokia n97 mini in black. I was dissapointed to find that the t9 predictive text writing languages only come with English, Dutch, French and German. I write a lot of texts in Spanish and would ideally like to add this language to the phone. I would be happy to replace one of the other languages if that helps - e.g. without wanting to offend, I don't think I'll ever need Dutch.

I've googled my head off trying to find a fix but just can't find anything, and I can't believe that a language that is so widely spoken is not possible to put onto a phone.

Please, if you know of an app, or a fix, or anything that I can do (preferably in laymans language) I would greatly appreciate it.