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I was told about this last night and I instantly questioned "what' the BL5C by any chance?" Of course my mother had no clue what I was on about but now I know I was right.

I had one in my old 3650 that had literally inflated to about 3 times it's size and popped out of my phone. It had been sat in a draw full of paper so god only knows what could have happened if I wasn't aware of what had happened to it and left it in there to go pop.

That said it wasn't on charge so maybe the problem is different to the one related to the recall, i'd still bet on the fact there are thousands of these batteries sitting in peoples draws/cupboards/bit's 'n' pieces boxes ready to go though.

If anyone reads this and decides to chuck the batteries, remember to dispose of them in an environmentally safe way, they contain a lot of nasty stuff that should end up in the water table.