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Originally Posted by shiftwork View Post
Hi all,

New poster here, long time reader of AAS.

I have question about my N8 and the expected battery life. Recently I decided that the battery life was not good enough and after hard reset it and reinstalling Anna, it still only gave me about 8 - 10 hours use (I would have to stick it on charge as soon as I came home from work). So I took the plunge and ordered a new official BL-4D battery and installed that. It's been 4 or 5 cycles now and the battery life is still no good. This morning for instance it pretty much died at half 12 after only being on about 5.5 hours (I am using Battery Monitor). I would say I am pretty demanding on my handsets but when I read about people getting 3+ days out of their N8s, it makes me wonder if they use them at all. Here is my usage today for example:

- turned on at 7am, battery at 87% (I charged it and turned off before bed)
- listened to about 60 minutes of music through bluetooth headset
- Checked Facebook on Fmobi whilst doing this, browsed on Opera Mobile for about 40 mins on way to work
- Email is on MfE push gmail, had about six emails
- Took about 6 photos, edited and then uploaded one
- Wrote out some notes for about 30 mins
- replied to about 4 text messages
- had Nimbuzz running and replying to IM from about 10 to half 11
- Listened to 30 mins of music on bluetooth again while browsing
- Took about 15 - 20 photographs
- Browsed for about 20 mins
- By about half 12 it was dead

It should be noted that the screen brightness is about 20% and the network is almost exclusively on 2G (apart from the photo upload when I switched it back). Bluetooth was off when I wasn't using it.

I would say that maybe MFE was to blame, but I have used normal mail before and it wasn't much better - since I really want push, it was worth using MfE. Peak is 08:00 to 17:00, between those time it polls every 4 hours.

Yesterday using my N8 slightly less, it lasted until 17:30 (from 99% and being unplugged at 08:00).

It's strange because in the summer on holiday it lasted for nearly 48 hours, but that was using no data and maybe an hour or two a day of surfing using wifi. I get that my use is quite heavy and I get that using push mail and MfE will drain the battery faster, but with people quoting days of use and places like GSM Arena quoting nearly 42 hours whilst actually doing stuff (unlike my forced frugality on holiday, link here:, it makes me wonder what these people are doing. I heard one guy quoting over 4 days use! Is there something wrong with my handset? I'm at a loss to explain the battery loss.
Try battery monitor for sure after a few days you know whitch app uses most of your battery power