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OK, this is how you do it. You download the .wmv version from iPlayer, then strip the DRM and convert to a size and format of your choice using iSkySoft on your PC. I've spent hours messing around with Super and similar free apps before, but iSkySoft just worked first time. Be warned, though, it's a bit like shopping in the USA because with taxes and add-ons it ends up being about twice the advertised price once you get the the checkout. The cost of a 5230 + iSkySoft is still considerably less than a 5800 and its full iPlayer client, though.

And the legality/morality? I'm a UK licence payer and will be deleting programmes once I've watched them, and so have a completely clear conscience. If the BBC are going to confine their efforts to just a handful of mobile device types then they can't be surprised if people figure things out for themselves.