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Question 9500 Wifi - Sorry If This Is A Repeat


I'm playing around with the Wifi on the 9500 and have come across a few problems.

I have purchased a USB2.0 Planet Wireless adapter. The software that comes with it is great because I can make it an access point for the 9500 and it automatically bridges my lan adapter which is connected to Broadband.

The problems I've come across are the following, keep in mind I have tried the settings with a WEP key and leaving the access point open.

1. When I go to "Web" then type in an address, if I select "Easy WLAN" and click "Connect", it shows my access point and I select "connect" again. At the top right of the screen it says it's "connected" and the "w" shows on the left but after a few seconds the error message comes up "Internet: Could not find specified Internet server".

I have found that to solve this I need to create the access point first and input an IP address, subnet, gateway and primary and secondary dns which corresponds to my wired network. Then when I go to "Web" I select the access point I have created and the WiFi works 100%

2. When I'm in public and I pickup an access point that is "open" according to the 9500 and try connect via the 1st step i.e "Easy WLAN", the same thing happens as mentioned in point 1.

Now obviously I don't know the IP address range of the access point trying to connect to or the gateway, so how do i get WiFi to work on open public access points?